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Monday, March 14, 2011

What Does the Bible Say About Tsunamis?

Our thoughts, concerns, and prayers go out to those affected by the Japanese 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami on March 11th.  Millions of viewers were stunned by the devastation that took place as the debris laden tsunami rolled across the northeast coast of Japan.  This catastrophe is remindful of the earthquake that triggered the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 which killed over 200,000 people.
 Few realize that catastrophes brought by tsunamis are written about in the Bible.  When key phrases in the Bible’s account of “Noah’s Flood” are properly translated they tell how a comet impact caused a tsunami, which in turn caused the Flood!  Physical evidence for this event comes from the recent discovery of an 18-mile wide impact crater at the bottom of the Indian Ocean that dates back to the time of the Flood.  This crater is called the Burckle Impact Crater.  A 2008 History Channel documentary about the discovery of this crater concludes, “The cause of the Biblical Great Flood may have been a massive three-mile wide comet that crashed into the Indian Ocean 4,800 years ago.”  An impact this large would have caused an earthquake tens of thousands of times more powerful than the Japanese earthquake and waves about 1000 times higher.
Astonishingly, the Bible prophesies that another impact triggered tsunami will occur during the end times.  The Second Trumpet of the Bible’s Book of Revelation (Rev 8:8-9) tells how “a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood (the word “blood” is being used as a metaphor for “death”) and the third part of the creatures in the sea . . . died, and the third part of the ships were destroyed.”  This prophecy seems to describe a comet or comet fragment resembling a mountain hitting the ocean which would set in motion a tsunami, where many creatures in the sea would die, and many ships would be destroyed.  
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